Friday, November 25, 2011

Oggi Domani e Dopodomani ~ Le Moglie Bionda

In 1965 Pamela Tiffin's career took a curious turn. She had just completed roles in two big Hollywood films: The Hallelujah Trail and Harper when she was tapped to replace Sue Lyon in an Italian film opposite Marcello Mastroianni.

That film was Oggi, Domani e Dopodomani. It was comprised of a trio of vignettes starring Mastroianni and a different leading lady. Catherine Spaak, Virna Lisi and Pamela Tiffin were his co-stars.

Pamela was Mastroianni's first American leading lady. She played his wife "Pepita" in the segment entitled La Moglie Bionda (The Blonde Wife). In this segment Mastroianni tries to sell his blonde wife (Tiffin) to a rich Arab sheik. Little does he know that his wife will ultimately flip the script on him...with hilarious results.

Pamela was asked to dye her hair blonde for this film and she was initially hesitant. She did it and wound up liking it (and the attention she got) so much that she kept her hair blonde and never looked back.

So here in it's entirety is the lovely Pamela Tiffin in her first Italian film and her very first as a blonde opposite Marcello Mastroianni in La Moglie Bionda from Oggi Domani e Dopodomani filmed in 1965.

The last two segments of the film were combined and released by MGM in 1968 under the title, Kiss The Other Sheik.

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