Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A 95 minute Car Commercial....

...and that's exactly what Pamela Tiffin's  1964 film The Lively Set was, a :95 minute commercial for Chrysler's Turbine car. It has since become a cult film among car enthusiasts.
It does boast a catchy soundtrack penned by Pamela's State Fair co-star Bobby Darin.

This was Pamela's second outing with James Darren, the first being United Artists' For Those Who Think Young which was another long commercial for Pepsi-Cola.

The Lively Set's story is slight as it involves Darren's character of Casey developing the turbine powered vehicle, being hired by a wealthy playboy (Peter Mann) to drive it in a race. Pamela is merely window dressing as Eadie, Darren's love interest.

It's all standard teen drive in fare from the mid-60's and in my opinion a waste of Pamela Tiffin's talents.

The supporting cast includes Joanie Maxwell, Doug McClure, Marilyn Maxwell, Carole Wells and a pre-Mission: Impossible Greg Morris as a highway patrol officer.

As always Pamela looks fetching throughout the entire picture and she and Darren make quite a sexy couple..just wish they were both cast together in better movies.

Special Alert: Just watch how many times Pamela's hair-do changes from scene to scene...

Special Drinking game: Every time Pamela's character says "Casey" take a swig of your favorite alcoholic'll be drunk before the :95 minutes are up...I promise!

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