Saturday, December 3, 2011

Marvee!: 50 Years of One, Two, Three

This year marks the 50th anniversary of Pamela Tiffin's motion picture debut. The film that introduced her to motion picture audiences was the Paramount Pictures release, Summer and Smoke, but it was her second film, Billy Wilder's cold war satire, One, Two, Three that garnered her attention and impressed critics with not only her beauty but also her talent as brazen, scatterbrained Southern heiress "Scarlett Hazeltine" who while in West Germany being chaperoned by her dad's most trusted employee, "C.R.MacNamara" (James Cagney) runs off and marries a young communist from East Berlin (Hors Buchholz) setting off a series of highly comic situations.

Coming on the heels of Billy Wilder's Some Like it Hot and The Apartment, One, Two, Three is a cinematic comic masterpiece in it's own right one filled with performances from a top notch cast under the direction of one of cinema's most gifted writer/directors.

In 1984 Pamela was coaxed out of retirement to co-host alongside co-star Horst Buchholz the One, Two, Three segment for AFI's tribute to Billy Wilder.

In the following scene "Scarlett" suprises "MacNamara" with the fact that she has just married a radical communist from East Berlin named "Otto Ludwig Piffl".

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