Friday, December 9, 2011

Pamela, Edmondo, Echo and Aurora...

In 1974 Pamela Tiffin retired from acting and married Roman philosopher Edmondo Danon, son of Italian movie producer Marcello Danon. They have two daughters Echo Angelica Danon a part time actress, photographer, singer and co-founder of the music collective So Does The Fire and Aurora Hillego Danon, a designer.

The eldest of Pamela Tiffin's two daughters, Echo Danon (right) has dabbled in acting, music and photography.

Aurora Danon, here pictured at a New York function is the youngest of Pamela Tiffin's two daughters.

Edmondo is the president of the Hesperia Institute for Medieval and Renaissance Studies in New York City.

In thinking about his children’s dual nationality and the fact that they would grow up in the United States and consider themselves Americans, Danon began to imagine that the best possible way for them and other young people to learn about Italian culture would be to study it on the spot with teachers from first-rank U.S. colleges and universities. He finally brought his dream into the waking world in 1994. The Hesperia Institute’s goal is to expose every summer about 15 U.S. undergraduates to Italian art and literature of the 14th through the 16th centuries, and to do that intensively, with none of the usual distractions caused by trudging from city to city.

Echo Danon had a role in the French/Italian drama Defense D'aimer (Love Forbidden), was a station programmer for East Village Radio, sings in the music collective So Does The Fire and dabbles in photography.

Aurora along with sister Echo had a bit role in James Toback's Black and White. She has worked on several films as a graphics designer and costume assistant and is a regular of the New York City social scene.

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